Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The NYC Playground

The Jungle Gym of Your Dreams

The world looks different from up above.

Pick your hiding place.

Can You Spot the Ninja?
Well It Spots You...

NYC! Truly the Greatest City in the World!
What a Complex of Steel and Cement...

And this is only a fraction of the city. And it's not even nighttime in any of these pictures! Do you see the possibility? Ninja could thrive in this giant, intricate cityscape. At least, I think so.

On a side note, I've run into a bit of a hiccup with the Melinda Gomez sighting. The group that interviewed her, Underground Update, hasn't gotten back to me yet about permission to reprint their article. They're usually cool about stuff like this, but you can never be too sure these days--that's why I got all of these photos off a stock photo site. But if they doesn't get back to me within a day, I'll just summarize it for you guys using my own words--you won't miss a beat of the story, I promise.

Until then, cowabunga I guess.

And if you couldn't 'spot the ninja' in the one pic, that's because it's daytime.

--Manhattan Joe

P.S. (I'll try and get some actual "supposed ninja" pics up on the site as well, though they're rare and it will take a bit of legwork. Also just as a reminder, I don't want to attract a hoard of hoaxers but if you've seen a ninja, and good god, if you've got a picture, or, holy shit, a video!--please, let me and the rest of the world hear about it. We won't laugh at you here! At least I won't, I mean.)

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